by Randi Tedford, MA, RD

Most days, I find myself on-the-go more often than I intend to be, thus making meals a tad more challenging to plan than normal. Harder to make the right choices, harder to eat healthier, and let’s be honest… harder on my bank account too if I end up grabbing something quick while I’m out!

Lately, I have found myself throwing food in the infamous tortilla. It’s convenient. It’s easy. It doesn’t take many ingredients to fill. It’s a great size to fit in a plastic bag, wrap in foil, or even beeswax wrap. It can even be eaten while driving, I’m sold! Wraps are also a great way to make meals in advance for a couple of days, and are easy to store in your refrigerator, taking up little space.

So, the question becomes… what can we put in this magical wrap? Some days, I honestly throw all my leftovers inside for a little-to-no effort meal when I need to make lunch in a hurry. Other days, I plan more in advance and spruce it up a bit. The great thing about making wraps is they are extremely versatile, and great for breakfast (aka burritos) and lunch meals!

Here are some of my favorite options:

  1. ANY AND ALL common sandwich concoctions:
    • Turkey sandwich
    • Ham sandwich
    • Tuna Salad
    • Chicken Salad
    • Egg Salad
    • Pulled Pork
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly
    • Peanut Butter and Banana
    • Veggies with Hummus
  1. What else besides sandwiches?
    • Yogurt, Fruit, Honey, Granola
    • Mediterranean: Chicken, Spinach, Hummus, Rice Pilaf
    • Any Salad of choice
    • Peanut Butter, Banana, Flax Seed, and Honey
    • Eggs, Cheese, Meat of choice, peppers, onions, potatoes
    • Beans, rice, meat of choice, onions, peppers. Cheese
    • Crispy tofu, lettuce, cabbage, tomato, dressing of choice
    • Hummus, tofu, sprouts, spinach, avocado

Tortillas have gotten a bad WRAP (rep haha) lately. Companies are making low carb options, cauliflower options, or some influencers will try to encourage you to eliminate the carbohydrate completely. While a variety does provide shoppers with options, we should also keep in mind the benefits of a good-ole flour or corn tortilla.

Flour tortillas contain fiber, calcium, and folic acid (vitamin B9). Fiber is essential for optimal digestion and aids in the regulation of bowel movements. Fiber helps to improve overall gastrointestinal functions and heart health by lowering Total Cholesterol and LDL levels. The function of calcium tends to be more commonly known: bone mineralization, hormone communications, nerve function, blood clotting, and cell metabolism. Folic acid (vitamin B9) is essential for red blood cell formation, helps to prevent birth defects of a baby’s brain or spine, helps to prevent anemia, and aids in rapid cell division and growth. Corn tortillas tend to contain higher levels of fiber than flour tortillas, since they are considered a whole grain.

Tortillas are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, that can benefit both children and adults.  I encourage you to pick out your favorite tortilla, experiment with different ingredients, and find the wrap for you.  The wrap that can make mornings easier, the wrap that can be prepped for the week, the wrap that utilizes all your leftovers, the wrap that is delicious and suits your lifestyle. Enjoy!