Questions or concerns? We have the answers.

We want to make this an easy first step. Call our office to schedule your free consultation. 559-440-9200. We will ask you a number of questions to get to know you and what you want then explain our program, philosophy and services that we think would benefit you. After this consultation, you will be given 24 hours to decide if you would like to proceed. Instructions will be given on what your next steps will be and appointments will be set up at that time.

No, we do however require all of our clients to go through out onboarding process with one on one time with our personal trainers or registered dieticians depending on the services that you are looking for.

We tailor every program to meet the clients’ needs. Accordingly, prices will vary. However, for reference, we have services that range in price from $95 per session down to $12/session.

At this time, insurance will not cover most of our services as they are typically more preventative in nature. However, there are some nutrition services that may be covered by your insurance. We can provide you with a detailed bill with services rendered that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. However we will not bill insurance companies for any of our Plan Health & Fitness Services.