Whether looking to support your health goals, find a performance edge or establish better eating habits for your family, we provide ground level advice based on the science of nutrition and behavior change.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Our registered dietitians provide one-on-one nutrition counseling and individualized recommendations for achieving your health and fitness goals. We discuss a client’s specific nutritional needs, strengths, and challenges, enabling us to focus on the most effective dietary solutions. Our attention to a client’s unique eating behaviors will allow them to transform…

Eating Disorder Treatment

We specialize in eating disorders as part of a medical treatment team, in cooperation with doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists in the Central Valley. This includes creating meal plans, challenging disordered thoughts about food and weight, weight restoration and maintenance, and helping clients establish a healthy relationship with food. We assist…


Proper nutrition is essential for optimal athletic performance for recreational athletes to elite athletes. Our registered dietitians provide customized, sport-specific nutrition recommendations for both training and competition, including evidence-based information & guidance regarding dietary supplements.

Menu Planning

A structured menu plan is included with nutrition counseling services if needed as part of the treatment plan. It provides a practical example of a healthy day of eating while meeting specific calorie and nutrient recommendations. Additional sample menus are available for an additional cost.

Grocery Store Tours

Changing your eating habits means changing your shopping. If you want to eat healthier, but find grocery shopping overwhelming, then this is a solution for you. We will show you how to navigate the never-ending aisles of food products and finally make sense of food labels and nutrition information to…