Our Difference

We know exercise, nutrition and behavior. We understand that each client is unique, has unique goals, desires, habits, communication styles, and motivators. With this in mind, we provide effective programs that move clients forward toward their potential. We don’t deal in overpromises of our grand expertise, we don’t ascribe to fad diets or methods for unsustainable weight loss or living, we don’t have the 6 minute workout. What we do have is a proven solution for changing lives.

At Plan Health & Fitness we provide out clients with strategic and customized fitness plans to suit their lifestyles. Whether it is to lose weight, build muscle, reduce stress, or slow the aging process – our specialized fitness and nutrition staff have taken the guess work out of reaching your goals. We are with you, every step of the way to help you succeed.

Our Philosophy on Health & Fitness Solutions

  • Exercise and nutrition belong together and are interdependent when achieving fitness goals.
  • Everyone will meet their greatest potential with the right direction, accountability, and someone with expertise to show them the way.
  • Accountability, administered with respect and professionalism, is the catalyst that drives discipline and produces change.
  • Authenticity in all communication distinguishes professional character, serving as the foundation for relationships
  • Extensive and continuing education establishes authority in the health and fitness field. The most beneficial methods are validated by current research and evidence-based recommendations.
  • Technology that improves the quality and efficiency of services will be used whenever possible.
  • The best health and fitness services are designed to provide the education necessary for establishing life-long healthy behaviors.

Our Method

  1. We ask questions. We want to know you, what make you who you are and what your aspirations are. We are not keen on taking you down a path that we assume or think you want ot go on. We want to know where you want to go—even if you only have the vaguest idea, we wan tto know that the time we spend together is going to result in something you want!
  2. We assess. If we don’t measure, we don’t know how you are progressing. We take carful time to assess both your nutritional and fitness status. Only then can a acutely effective plan be established. Once we have executed that plan, we assess again—monthly.
  3. We execute. We don’t beat around the bush. You have goals that are now our goals, and we don’t like standing around. Be prepared to move forward. With a clear understanding of who you are where you want to go and where you are beginning, we don’t have to use trial and error. We know, and we move forward from day one.
  4. We coach. This process is not something that happens overnight. Changing health and changing lifestyles happens over time. We love this aspect of our role in your life. We love the power of momentum and we do everything we can to keep your momentum going—in the right direction. We are here to encourage you, light a fire, direct you, pick you up, whatever you need.
  5. We have expectations. If we are going to change lives, we must maintain high standards. We have education, experience and unparalleled commitment to your success. However, none of that is useful if you are not committed to this process. We will go to great lengths for all of our clients that show commitment and a desire to move forward, we expect you to go to those lengths with us.
  6. We are social.

Our Core Program Structure

We require a lot from our clients because we believe it will yield the greatest success. This includes:

  1. Pre-Payment: as you invest your money up-front, you are investing yourself in the program fully, you are much more likely to participate and to see results.
  2. Time Commitment for Exercise Sessions: you can pre-plan how this will fit into your schedule and prioritize those times, this requires you to make this endeavor a priority.
  3. Six-Week Program: often, we work in 6-week intervals, establishing goals 6-weeks at a time, providing enough time to see results, yet a limited and defined time frame to provide a light at the end of the tunnel and variety.
  4. A Commitment to Follow the Plan: we will be sure you verbalize your intention to follow through (we will be happy to support you!).