Our Foundation

We are a health and fitness company providing exercise and nutrition solutions that are simple, effective, and proven by both research and experience. Started in 2009, Plan Health & Fitness has been a local provider for health and fitness solutions to fit your life. We have built the company around Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians, and Certified Exercise Specialists all possessing extensive experience and education, ensuring you get the best direction and advice every step of the way.

Our Mission

To enable and inspire our clients and community to fulfill their human potential through maximizing their health and level of fitness. We aim to provide the finest, most effective health and fitness services, characterized by Knowledge, Experience, and Results. Services are implemented with a plan that incorporates both short term and long-term goals with a specific design, direction, and accountability.

Our commitment to our client is that we will give 100% in every aspect of our service to help you succeed.

What We Believe

We believe in good advice.

We believe in practical solutions.

We believe in tomorrow.

We believe in hard work.

We believe in one step at a time.

Our approach is simple, we offer experts in each discipline, a system that provides incentive, motivation and accountability around every corner, and programs that provide the ongoing direction to meet both your immediate and long-term goals. THE RESULT? You! …just more awesome!

We Work With…… EVERYONE!

  • Professionals such as Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Lawyers, and Consultants
  • Medical Professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Veterinarians, Dentists, and other clinical practitioners.
  • Executives such as business owners, key employees, managers, and supervisors.
  • Mothers looking to restore their body after having children
  • Grandparents desiring the energy to enjoy and play with their grandchildren.
  • Athletes of all types, looking for a competitive advantage.