Corporate Wellness

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Corporate wellness done right. Fun, meaningful, engaging challenges, an effective and easy to use platform that encourages participation through social interaction and incentive management, our own local experts administering services, and the security and privacy of a HIPAA certified data storage system.

  1. We know corporate wellness is a big buzzword. Every company should have one, and most do…they signed up for some online turnkey solution and they check it off their list of things to offer. Many HR mangers and assistants even put blood and sweat into their program. Unfortunately, most of these are flat, unengaging and do not produce results.
  2. The problem is not lack of effort, interest or money. It is a problem with how wellness is perceived by both management and employees. We know that 75% engagement is a game changer for workplaces. We know that intangible benefits abound btu more importantly, we see a change in company culture that shifts apathy to ambition, laziness to motivation, and complacency into achievement. These elements will cahgne the bottom line, but we need to see 75% engage for this to happen. The measure then becomes engagement. How do we get 75% of our workforsce to engage. Enter Plan Health & Fitness. This is our thing.
  3. Wellness for Sulf-Funded Health Plans
    1. We know that the idea of a more productive workforce is great but that doesn’t sell many wellness programs. We prefer to make our point with a P&L statement.
    2. With the fund that is used to make health claim payments at stake, an effective wellness solution has potential to put a lot of money back into the business year over year. Historically, the most costly diagnoses are those diseases that are preventable and reversible. From diabetes to heart disease, better health for your employees a better bottom line.