Achieving goals, building health or maintaining fitness for the long haul happens here. Its also the best of everything we offer…at a lower cost.

Membership Levels

Our Health & Fitness Membership includes the essentials to keep you healthy, improve strength, flexibility, and energy level. It is our firm belief that accountability and direction are important, but that the community and support our members enjoy is the axis of our company. We are happy to accommodate special…


A client's initial few weeks in our program are defined by training in the foundation of biomechanics, safe and effective exercise technique, nutrition education, and planning according to each client's goals and needs. This is the foundation of our program. We want to be sure that each client understands the…

Service Options for Membership

Service Options for Membership Members receive a discount of 25% off all of our services Nutrition $75 Massage $85 Stretch Shop $50 Plan Nutrition Institute $150