Combining the science of physiology and biomechanics with the latest in behavior change theory, we bring first class solutions to the table.  We work with you to accomplish your unique fitness goals by offering Personal Training sessions, Private Group sessions, Event or Sport-Specific training, Boot Camps, Stretch Shops, Pilates classes, and a Run Club unlike any other in the Valley.

Run Club

Our most popular offering - we incorporate the Runner's Prep Circuit training into a simple run/walk training regimen that is great for first timers and veteran runners who are looking to improve their time. Our Run Club is unlike any other in the Valley - we provide education and support from Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians, and Certified Running Coaches.

Personal Training

Our Physical Therapists and Certified Fitness Trainers provide personal training that is designed to produce results through simple and effective research-proven training practices. Our methods are rooted in biomechanically sound movement to ensure progress toward goals without interruption from injury. From post-rehab training, sport-specific training, to simple conditioning, our solutions…

Private Group

We provide the medium for long term exercise direction, accountability, with a social element that makes exercise better! All of our routines are structurally sound, taught by certified exercise specialists and can be modified for accommodating different orthopedic limitations.

Fit Club Boot Camp

F.un I.ntense T.raining Keeping fit is not just a fad - it's a way of life. Whether you want to slim down or tone up, have more energy for work, or for your family, of just look and feel better, we are here to help. Try out our bootcamp! Our…

Stretch Shop

Everyone could use some stretching. Not everyone knows where they need it most, how much or how long. We find those areas and find flexibility you didn’t know you had!


Improve your strength, flexibility, and mind with our Pilates classes!  In collaboration with Pilates Street Pilates, Plan Health & Fitness offers Pilates classes one day a week held in their studio.  Enjoy Pilates Mat & Barre taught by their certified Yoga and Pilates instructors.  Feel the difference a Pilates body…